Feast your eyes on the brand-new STOMP AND STAMMER MAGAZINE, which includes WHISKEY CHILD!! Be sure to pick up your copy of the JULY issue around the Atlanta, Georgia area and beyond, with SUZY QUATRO and CHERIE CURRIE of THE RUNAWAYS on the cover!!  

WHISKEY CHILD "Don't Mess With Me" is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and most digital stores. You gotta hear this smokin' hot track written and produced by Trey McGriff smothered with some sweet backing vocals by talented singer Carlee Jackson! 

"Our July issue will be our first in print since everything shut down in March! It will be a mix of brand new content and selected features and reviews that we've posted on the website over the past couple of months. Our cover story is an exclusive interview with Suzi Quatro conducted by Cherie Currie of the Runaways!" -STOMP AND STAMMER


New WHISKEY CHILD RECORDS Merchandise! Frisbees, T-Shirts, Hats, Buttons and more! 

WHISKEY CHILD RECORDS has some sweet new Merchandise available for purchase in the store! Just in time for Summer!

Be sure to check out some of the new items I recently designed, which include: Frisbees, T-Shirts, Hats, Buttons and more. 

Thank you very much for listening to WHISKEY CHILD RECORDS music on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, and other steaming platforms. -Trey McGriff







































































Trey McGriff releases brand new SOMEWHERE OUTHERE music on Friday May 1st!  

Trey McGriff has just created a brand new and riveting SOMEWHERE OUTHERE song "The Perfect Girl", which was originally written by the incredible British band THE CURE and released in 1987! Make sure to download and stream the new SOMEWHERE OUTHERE cover version on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Google, YouTube and all other fine outlets where music is available!  

SOMEWHERE OUTHERE is distributed worldwide by KOBALT / AWAL courtesy of Whiskey Child Records! Remember to turn up your volume and enjoy the music! 

SomeWhere OutHere "Single for the Summertime" now available on TikTok! 

You can now hear SomeWhere OutHere music on the very popular platform TikTok! Any user of TikTok can now simply select a SomeWhere OutHere song as background music for their own video or footage! Click the link or image below to see a video, which has been viewed over 4,000 times on TikTok which includes "Single for the Summertime", an excellent choice for your TikTok Vids!  #TikTok #SingleForTheSummertime #SomeWhereOutHere #Coronavirus 

Trey McGriff acting in several scenes with Jason Bateman in OZARK - Season 3! 

Singer-songwriter/Actor Trey McGriff, can be spotted in two very cool scenes with Director/Actor Jason Bateman, in the brand-new season of the hugely popular NETFLIX show, OZARK! Be sure to check out the 2nd Episode of the 3rd Season, entitled "Civil Union", airing right now on NETFLIX! Check out a few pictures below and make sure to watch this incredible show created by the very talented, Jason Bateman! 




SomeWhere OutHere music now available on TikTok!  

Whiskey Child Records is excited to share the news that Trey McGriff's music project, SOMEWHERE OUTHERE, is now featured on the popular media app TikTok!

Feel free to include SOMEWHERE OUTHERE music in your very own Video on TikTok today! The song featured in the video below is "Single for the Summertime" now at TikTok. Be sure to tag #SomeWhereOutHere on your vid posts and big thanks for the supporting songwriters around the world! 

Trey McGriff's music project, SOMEWHERE OUTHERE, is now featured on TikTok! 

Trey McGriff's music project SOMEWHERE OUTHERE is now available on the extremely popular media app TikTok!

SOMEWHERE OUTHERE is available to users in the TikTok catalogue for preview and implementation in videos across the service. Users will be able to preview 30 seconds of SOMEWHERE OUTHERE sound recordings. 

TikTok is a free-to-use, social media app that allows users to create, share, and download short form videos. TikTok videos can be between 3-60 seconds, and often feature clips of sound recordings which users can preview on the service from a vast music catalogue. Be sure to support and include SOMEWHERE OUTHERE music in your fresh videos this year, and tag with #SomeWhereOutHere


Trey McGriff's music project SOMEWHERE OUTHERE streams in 78 countries on SPOTIFY for 2019! 

Whiskey Child Records and Trey McGriff aka SOMEWHERE OUTHERE is wrapping up a fantastic 2019! The popular music streaming service SPOTIFY just announced the music performance statistics for 2019 and the music reached 78 countries! It all added up to an amazing year for SOMEWHERE OUTHERE

Thanks to all the music fans in the world for continuing to give all of Trey's original music and projects a listen! Slap-on your headphones or earbuds and crank up the volume in 2020! Click the links below and enjoy the music right now on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and other fine stores! 

Whiskey Child Records on Spotify!

SomeWhere OutHere on Spotify!

SomeWhere OutHere on Apple Music!

SomeWhere OutHere on Pandora!

SomeWhere OutHere on SoundCloud!

SomeWhere OutHere on Bandcamp!

SomeWhere OutHere on Amazon!









Listen to Trey McGriff's music project, WHISKEY CHILD, now airing on PANODORA! 

WHISKEY CHILD RECORDS has some exciting news to share with music fans all over the world! Trey McGriff's WHISKEY CHILD music and songs are now airing on PANDORA! Be sure to add some songs to your own playlist on the popular music platform and show your support! Trey's new "Don't Mess With Me" EP is also featured on PANDORA, so be sure to check it out! Click the image below to go directly to the WHISKEY CHILD artist page on PANDORA

Trey McGriff releases new batch of original WHISKEY CHILD songs! "Don't Mess with Me" EP out this Friday 13th!  

Trey McGriff is releasing a new batch of WHISKEY CHILD songs this coming Friday 13th of September! Check out new single "Don't Mess with Me" by WHISKEY CHILD! Trey is joined by talented singer Carlee Jackson, who lends her sweet vocals on the new track. Alternate versions of "Don't Mess with Me" are now available on Apple Music, Spotify, CD Baby, Amazon, YouTube, HearNow and WhiskeyChild.com 

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