Trey McGriff releases new WHISKEY CHILD song "Horses Flyin' (Sweet Dreams Tonight)" now available on most popular streaming platforms! Listen Now!

Trey McGriff just released a brand new WHISKEY CHILD song Horses Flyin' (Sweet Dreams Tonight), which is sure to put a pep in your step, while maintaining to keep a dreamy vibe throughout the Country and Rock ditty.   If you're a fan of Tom Petty, Widespread Panic, Steve Miller Band, J.J. Cale, you may enjoy this song in your headphones or earbuds. Be sure to add Horses Flyin' (Sweet Dreams Tonight) to your playlists and enjoy!  

I had a blast creating the Horses Flyin' (Sweet Dreams Tonight) album artwork, and I actually made a painting! It's mixed media on canvas and kinda has a dream-like vibe to it, which is similar to the new music. Thanks for listening and I hope you may enjoy my new Whiskey Child track!-Trey McGriff