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MELLOW DOWN EASY formed as a four-piece Rock band in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1995, when Kenny Graeber (Drums) contacted Mark Bowman (Electric Guitar) and Don Radcliffe (Lead Electric Guitar) after spotting their classified advertisement in Musician's Wanted section of a local newspaper. With the addition of Kenny's roommate, Trey McGriff (Vocals and Bass Guitar), MELLOW DOWN EASY was formed.  Jason Schmidt (Percussion) also joined the band shortly after the 1995 MELLOW DOWN EASY self-titled album release, action-packed with eight fresh original songs, which he helped produce, along with MDE and Byron McCay (Engineer) in Raleigh's JAG Studios. MDE played many fun shows together throughout the Carolinas and more. 

MDE band members now reside in multiple states, and these five great friends plan to create new music into the future. 

The original MELLOW DOWN EASY self-titled Album is Now Available, in it's entirety, where most music is streamed and beyond!

"Thank you very much for your support and feel free to add MELLOW DOWN EASY songs to your playlists! Much love!” :) -MDE