Trey McGriff is included on the NEW Elliott Smith Tribute CD! Now Available @ iTunes

Trey McGriff recently recorded his version of the song "Thirteen", originally written by Big Star and also covered by Elliott Smith.  Trey's version of "Thirteen is included on A Tribute To Elliott Smith CD.  Click to order the NEW CD  A TRIBUTE TO ELLIOTT SMITH

"A Tribute To Elliott Smith" features some of the best Independent bands from all over the world honoring the late, great Elliott Smith with an outstanding collection of covers and originals inspired by Elliott Smith's music. The musicians represented here are a diverse crowd hailing from across the USA, France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. Each was selected because of the quality of their unique and interesting music, to bring a wide range of takes on Elliott Smith's music worthy of a tribute to his legacy. This fully licensed tribute complements any Elliott Smith fan's CD collection - each cover is treated with the respect it deserves while at the same time exhibiting a fresh take on these classic songs. The originals on the album are all from musicians who were inspired to perform and create by Elliott Smith's music. Unlike many tribute albums, the track listing of "A Tribute To Elliott Smith" flows seamlessly from one song to another, really keeping the listener in an Elliott Smith state of mind and coming off as a cohesive album rather than a hastily thrown together collection of songs. Each song and artist was chosen with care to ensure a heartfelt tribute that gets everything right. With 21 tracks and over 77 minutes of music, "A Tribute To Elliott Smith" is absolutely loaded to capacity with great music. From slow and mellow songs to full on rockers, this album covers the whole musical spectrum while still retaining that special Elliott Smith flavor on each and every track. A portion of all proceeds from this release will be donated to the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund.


1. Oh Well, OK - Max Vague
2. Say Yes - Cord Stone
3. A Quiet Afternoon - Zen Withstanding
4. Thirteen - (Trey McGriff) Frenzy
5. Ballad Of Big Nothing - The Foxymorons
6. Become - The Mind's Eye
7. Waltz #2 - Middle States
8. It Takes All Kinds - 8889
9. Miss Misery - Peschiutta & Shelar
10. Forcing - And In August
11. Pretty (Ugly Before) - Fluid Ounces
12. Isn't It Good - Cord Stone
13. Rose Parade - Trappers Cabin
14. Thief In The Night - Jamie Boyer
15. A Fond Farewell - Joel Martin
16. The Enemy Is You - Marauder
17. Clear Your Tab - The Union Hill Conviction
18. Drive All Over Town - Zen Withstanding
19. 4 AM - Joshua West
20. Quicksilver - Abbie Huxley
21. Twilight - The Mind's Eye

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